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Buy Orient Water Heater at Rs 5633 from Amazon India Availing 24% Discount, 10L Capacity and 2000Watt Orient Geyser    

Orient Water Heater from Amazon

The Orient Electric Water Heater comes with safety features including Multi-Function Valve, Pressure Release Valve to release extra pressure from the inlet and Vacuum Release Valve guards against the dry running of the geyser. It is a durable Plastic Storage Water Heater having thicker and heavier copper element. The Magnesium rod increases the tank life of the water heater by decreasing the scaling.  

Model Number – WF1001P

The Orient Electric Water Heater has TIG Overlap Welding that enhances pressure bearing capacity and strength of the water tank. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally. No coupon code is required to enter at the time of payment to get the discount on buying the water heater. You will get two years of warranty on product and five years of warranty on the tank for buying the Orient Water Heater. It requires an operating voltage of 230 power of 2000 watts only and thus it is an energy efficient water heater. The Orient geyser weighs 7kg and it can contain 10 Litres of water.

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