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An adorable FunKo 6218 Pop! Star Wars, BB-8 is a robotic device that accepts your instructions. It is an action figure accessories that is made for the BB-8 lover. It does not require battery for attaching the head from its body or any other actions. It is suitable for three to six years boys and girls. The cutest star war having 3.75 inches long is ready to make its debut. It comes in a decorative star war stand and has a dimension of 3.5*3.5*3.8 inches. It has a shipping weight of 5 ounces. The item model number 6218 has its origin from Andorra. It has got best selling in terms of Toys and Games.

FunKo 6218 Pop Star Wars

Buy Amazon FunKo 6218 Pop! Star Wars, BB-8, Bobble-Head Figures at Rs 1263, Least Price

The little star war fits onto a raised piece on the base and the head bobbles a tiny bit. If you include the base then it is three and a half inches tall and if you remove the base then it would be three inches tall. It is an amazing desk ornament that you get in a reliable price. It looks better without the removable stand. It has a bobble head and does not turn around. It pegs on to the base or stand on the surface. It does not turn and is meant for display. Children can play with it and you will find it a fun collecting it from Funko. The credit goes to Funko for creating such an amazing piece of item.

Star Wars Funko Pop BB-8 is a nice vinyl pops and you would like collecting these nice looking droid. Its base is removable and has a pedestal attached to it like the older star wars pop. If you are a Star war lover then this could be choose item for your collection. It can be a good choice for gifting someone. The lower part has been made from solid vinyl so form the heaviest Funko. The spring in the head is really tight and close to the body. It does not bobble and fixes on the body. It’s a good item in low price made for children and as an accessory.

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