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Shop for best Lens and Sunshades for your dear ones from The site offers all types of Glasses, Sunshades and Eyewear in Kids, Men & Women categories.

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Lenskart Online Store, Shop for Eye Wear & Sunshade


With not almost but exactly everything coming online and in the grip of the internet, there is hardly anything that is left from the grip of the internet. The fact of today's life remains that if you have a device which supports the internet and you are having internet connections for it, then probably you have the key to all your problems and you are open to the whole world. There are various sites which offer just way too many services to the customers, extending from books to book stands and they seem to be running just fine and are capturing the market more than one could ever think of. The online stores have made the life of the offline businesses pretty uneventful and led to overall degradation of the traditional marketing methods.

     In today's world, pretty much everything might have just come online and this is something which shows the dependence of men at large on the relatively new platform and gives a great new exciting range for the users to choose from. Thus the companies across all the needs of mankind as a whole have come online. One can now even order their groceries and other daily needs from the online markets and get them delivered at their door steps just in time and totally fresh. The system has helped make marketing one of the most convenient of all among the online facilities. With such wonderful services available, it would be honestly not fair, if something as fundamental as our daily glasses, missed out on the list of things available online and this is just the idea of what the FlipKart Company came up with. FlipKart is an unique store of its kind, where one can easily access through a huge range of glasses and choose the one which serves as one of the best. The company has helped its customers with some wonderful services and this has helped the company gain huge appreciation from the people at large. The people who have used the services of the company seem to be pretty happy and seem to have a positive vibe with the company.

History of the

    The company is a pioneer in its trade in the nation. It is one of the revolutionary ideas of the whole online business sector at large. LensKart is an essentially Indian eye-wear portal and this is just the first of its kind in the nation. The company was founded in the year 2010 by Peyush Bansal, along with two others, namely Sumeet Kapahi and Amit Chaudhary. The trio has surely led to what is one of the best and most popular stores online. The company provides the customers with various products, which include that of glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. The company has estimated a net worth of 600 crores in January 2016 and this is just what stands out tall to say it all for the company.

Services Provided By the Company

      The company provides various services to the customer which makes the whole shopping experience wonderful for the customers at large and this is just what have helped the customers stay clinched to the wonderful site. The company provides people to choose from thousands of frames to choose from and then you can select three frames for yourself and you get all three at your place. Once you have selected the one which suits you best! Pay for it and keep it! There could have nothing been more convenient than this! The company offers a 3-D try on, which simply means that you can just check out if the glass is going to fit you perfectly, till you get hold of one yourself and how exactly you would find yourself in the mirror once you get the glasses. The company also claims to be the only one in India to provide its customers with the perfect power of the glasses.

 Online Shopping

The company provides its customers with quiet a good range of Branded Sun Glasses so that the customers can choose from a wide range of spectacles and get just the perfect one for you. The offers and deals of the company are just a steal deal for anyone at large. The offers are just what one can ask for.

Finally with all that the company has to offer and also with all that the company offers as a whole, the chances are very low that one is going to consider any other store while getting hold of the best possible frame for oneself, from the online markets. The company, along with the all the deals and offers that it has got to offer and the beautiful service quality that it provides to the users, is just the best that one could have ever asked for. Thus, this company is here to stay and it will help one experience a great degree of satisfaction from the online experience.

  • To avail the best Lenskart deal one must have to check the Voucher on the page regularly and should enter it at the time of payment.
  • The customer can visit the or directly go to the page using the store link.
  • The first customer can check the size and type of glasses using their advance web image technology and finalize the design before processing the order.
  • After product selection, the system will ask you to enter the Payment.
  • Payment can be made using the debit card, Net banking, and Credit card.
  • Cash on delivery is also available but enter pin-code to check the eligibility.