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It is now possible to buy wall mounted 4-Litre water purifier at discounted price. Tata Swach Nova Silver Water Purifier purifies up to 2000 TDS. The silver action provides longer life to the cartridge of the water purifier. The membrane of the Water Purifier remains protected due to an auto flush mechanism of the water purifier. The tank remains contaminant-free and hence saves you from the hassle of tank cleaning. The advanced indication panel provides intelligent information and easy service due to front panel opening.

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The water purification process in the Tata Swach Nova Silver Water Purifier goes through different stages like sediment cartridge, pre-carbon, sediment cartridge, RO, post-carbon, and UV. It gives water purification rate of 8 Litres per hour. There is one year of warranty for buying the Nova water purifier. It operates at a very nominal temperature.

Tata Swach Water Purifier Available on at Offer Price Rs 7999 , Avail 27% Discount on RO Water Purifier  

A number of diseases spread due to the contaminated water so it is necessary to drink pure water. The dissolved impurities, suspended particles, heavy metal salts, and biological contaminants are easily removed by the Tata Swach RO Water Purifier. It is very important to consume pure water with a pleasant odor and essential minerals to remain healthy. High TDS water can cause a serious health hazard. Hard water above 150 ppm is not suitable for drinking purpose. Tata Swach Silver RO Water Purifier saves you from water-borne diseases and keeps you healthy. It purifies impure water by passing it through four stages. Its indicator provides you information about the status of the Tata Water Purifier. The silver impregnation of the water purifier gives longer life to the cartridge. You get hassle-free water purification technique in reasonable price through this RO Water Purifier.

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