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RailYatri: Making Travel Easier

RailYatri was created a couple of years back for the Indians and by the Indians who know that it is taxing to not know when you are going to reach the destination and which station is the train touching next and other such things. Therefore, in order to deal with the anxiety that wait gives a traveller, a handful of train-travelling engineers came together to develop RailYatri. With the motto to Simplify Train Travels, The website www.railyatri.in and the RailYatri app can be used by travellers to know the live travel status, real-time location, estimated time of arrival and departure, nearby stations, availability of tickets, confirmation status, book meals, and much more.

RailYatri was built with the motto to unveil the vital information which a traveller wants to know but is left at the mercy of fellow travellers and station announcements to be enlightened by. In a geographically diverse country like India, when one is travelling to far-off places in trains, he/she gets to explore various terrains, locales, and climates, even if it is for a few minutes. And some information about the stations you come across, or when is the station you love is going to arrive is always welcome. RailYatri provides a solution to every query on has while travelling in trains; hence, it is the one-stop solution for a traveller in India.

Services offered by RailYatri

Who doesn’t likes surprises, but it is not every time that we are up to it. Especially when you have to pick up a friend from the railway station and as you reach the station, you get to know that the train’s 2 hours late. Well, that isn’t a pleasant surprise. So, RailYatri is one app which will help you keep track of the train’s location and time of arrival. All you have to do is feed in the PNR number of the train and there you have it! Following are the fascinating bunch of services provided by RailYatri: Simplifying Train Travels:

  • Live Train Status and Real-Time Location of the train enabled by GPS Tracking, which is fun to follow while travelling.
  • All information regarding Seat Availability, Reservation Status, and Confirmation Probability.
  • The intelligent brains behind RailYatri have developed a complex database and through that, they have been able to provide the usual delay time of the trains so that you can avoid trains which get delayed.
  • What’s more fun than arriving at a peculiar railway station is to get to know various facts about it as you get there. Yes, RailYatri can be your fact partner while travelling as it is loaded with trivia about railways and stations you will love. Railway Wisdom will also help you out with various things you should know about a particular station.
  • If you are worried about your family or friends who are travelling via train, then the Live Trip Sharing feature of RailYatri will keep you at ease because it will provide you up-to-minute information about the entire trip until your loved ones reach their destination safe and sound.
  • RailYatri connects you with trusted and authorized agents so that you can book the tickets hassle-free.
  • You can also check the Live Status of all the local trains and metros in your city through RailYatri for a daily commute.
  • It enables you to book bus tickets, book intercity cabs, and order your favourite meals on train online.
  • It is common to get stuck on an unknown railway station about where the right platform is, but RailYatri comes with a Platform Locator to help you out in such situations.

Bank Deals and Discounts Offered by RailYatri

RailYatri in every way is an Indian venture which answers every pertinent query of every train traveller and daily commuter in India. It is no less than an encyclopedia of India Railways which is updated every minute to facilitate a pleasantly eventful ride. Apart from being loaded with services it offers, all services are reasonably priced so that everyone can avail them. It brings you best deals on food you can order from various fast food chains, restaurants, and vendors on coming stations. The food comes right to your coat at unbelievably affordable prices.

Booking bus tickets for an inter-city or inter-state trip have never been easier than booking it through RailYatri. Here, you get the best deals on AC and Non-AC buses. Every now and then RailYatri keeps coming up with discounts on bus fares to make the trip light on your pockets.

If you want to explore the interiors of a city, you can also book intra-city and inter-city cabs through RailYatri using RailYatri HDFC, SBI, ICICI Promo Code to pay lesser than usual.

Apart from other discounts, RailYatri keeps coming up with various other concessions to make your entire experience delightful.