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An external hard disk from a reputed brand with Paytm Offers is a good option to carry all your important data with you. In that speed comes first if you are going to add the huge or bulk amount of data many times in a day. Then, of course, you should go for the fastest Portable External Hard Drive of Transcend Store Jet 1 TB with Paytm External Hard Disk offers. There are several parameters to judge the average speed. How fast are the small and big files being handled? What is the rpm of the disk?

If you come under a category of normal user who wants portability to keep files close and also performs a huge amount of cut and paste on a daily basis, then Guyz! You should go and Buy Paytm Transcend External Hard disk.

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Name of the Product: Transcend StoreJet 25M3 –  1 TB Portable External Hard Drive

Colour : Black


  • Warranty Period: – This is the period to which you are entitled to get a new disk if manufacturing defects suddenly arise that affects your disk’s performance. You should look after to get the maximum years of protection.
  • Shock-Proof: – Many of the external hard disks come with a protection of military grade shock which means that these drives can withstand your rough handling, like fall from some height spill of water or coffee on them. A Paytm Transcend Hard Drive offer ensures that your precious data will remain secure even if something physically hits your drive.

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Paytm Transcend External Hard Disk Offer

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Relatively, it also depends on what you actually mean by “fastest external Hard Disk”. It also matters what capacity and range of interfaces you are willing to consider. By bandwidth, the fastest HD, is the one having the highest RPM *times* recording density.

Or in other words, you can say how quickly bits do fly under the head? A 15k RPM sounds pretty impressive, but if a 7200 disk has 3 times the bit density, so the latter is faster.

Protect Your Hard-Drive from Failure: – One of the primary reasons of your external hard drives appear to fail more than hard drives which are installed on your computers is because there are a larger number of dots where failure can appear. Actually, it is the USB to SATA converter which is connected to the hard drive inside the casing. Buy External Hard Driver online from and you will not get an extra burden on your pocket as Paytm External HD Price is cheaper as compared to other shopping portal and you will get Paytm cashback after  applying the promo codes given above.

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