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Beginning and Expansion of Fresh Menu in India

Fresh Menu is the brainchild of the IIM Ahmedabad alumnus Rashmi Daga, who left her high-profile corporate job to start this venture. Rashmi had been into sales and marketing all her life and this is probably the reason why she understood the dilemma of a regular person well. She was aware that how we crave something every day and it is not always that we are able to satisfy our cravings. Therefore, she came up with this business model where regular office-goers, children, and others can satisfy these cravings more often without stepping into restaurants which are priced to loot.

What makes Fresh Menu stand out from other food delivery apps is that they either offer you the food from other restaurants, which are priced to rob you, or they do not offer the gourmet delights that Fresh Menu does. Plus, fresh Menu itself owns everything ranging from the kitchens to supply chain so that there are no gaps between what is promised online and what customers receive.

Fresh Menu is operational in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon and is planning to expand its operations to all the major metropolitans in India in the coming years. If you are a resident of one of these cities, Fresh Menu can be your go-to mate when you are starving and want to indulge in something that pleases your soul and taste buds both.

The unwavering determination of the start-up to match the standards set by restaurants in taste and hygiene,  at affordable prices might make their progress slow but it definitely will last longer than ever.

The Delicious Services offered by Fresh Menu

The comprehensive menu provided by Fresh Menu is an ensemble of delicious vegetarian and no-vegetarian dishes derived from various cuisines of the world. The menu varies every day in every city, therefore, make sure that you select your city before selecting what you’re going to have for lunch, dinner, or breakfast!

The menu begins with Mains and Sides, i.e., the main course, which comes with various filling options such as pasta, lasagna, noodles, roulades, and more to make your stomach happy. Then there are the snacks which are the lifeblood of many. Fresh Menu offers sandwiches, wraps; garlic bread, cheese fritters and soups to satiate your evening hunger. There is no better proof than a separate section for Pizza that Fresh Menu understands you the best. The pizza menu is loaded with various vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for the inborn Italian that you are.

The people at Fresh Menu know that the hunger of the foodie in you is never satisfied without more than just a dash of dessert before, after and at the end of your meal. Therefore, you can find a vast variety of desserts in their menu as well, some of which are- soothing crumble cakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, hot chocolate, muesli, mouse, and tarts.

Fresh Menu makes sure that every time you place an order, it arrives at your doorstep warm and carcass fresh within 45 minutes because they have strategically placed their kitchens in all major locations. The food is also offered for prices which are more affordable in comparison to that of restaurants offering the same options.

FreshMenu Offers, Discounts and Deals

Fresh Menu is itself a start-up run by the residents of metropolitan cities who often crave global cuisines but are sensible enough not to splurge every day. Therefore, Fresh Menu offers great today deals, offers, and discounts to its consumers so that every food item it offers becomes even more affordable. These lucrative food offers include the discounted price on the select food items such as Fresh Menu Wraps, Pizzas, and Cookies on select days, exclusive promo code on meals, and cashback offer on payment via select credit/debit cards or e-wallets. They also keep on coming up with combos of food and beverages so that the users do not have to go out of their way to order a beverage to wash it all down. They also offer a compulsory discount to the ones ordering from the app for the first time.

The app and website offer you the convenience of pre-ordering the food so that you have the table ready before the guests arrive, and happy hours offer. If you order during happy hours, you will definitely pay lower than you usually would have and food will be with you within the time promised.

So, always stay on a lookout for the best FreshMenu deals and discount on meals so that you get to have a delicious meal for cheaper prices.