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Buy Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor from Only at Rs 2639

Everyone wants remain fit and healthy but it is not that much simple. It requires some efforts to be put on your health. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of blood vessels. It is measured at the person’s inner side of upper arm. In earlier days it was measured by inserting a tube into an artery. It was a dangerous and painful method to measure the blood pressure. The blood pressured was calculated by the height of a column of mercury. It was known as sphygmomanometer. One end of the stethoscope was used to place over an artery inside the cuff and the other end was used to place on other end over the ears.

The normal blood pressure of a human is 90-119 mmHg systolic and 60-79 mmHg diastolic. A person having blood pressure less than 90 mmHg (systolic) and less than 60 mmHg (diastolic) is considered as hypotension. A person with blood pressure more than 119mmHG for systolic and more than 79 mmHg for diastolic is considered as hypertension. Systolic pressure is the maximum pressure in the arteries occurring at the end of cardiac cycle whereas the diastolic pressure is the minimum pressure in the arteries which occurs at the beginning of cardiac cycle. You will find your blood pressure different at different circumstances for example disease, stress, walk, run, sleep etc.

In high blood pressure the blood exerts high pressure on the arterial wall. It can cause damage to the arterial wall. During pumping of heart, the arterial walls exert high pressure. It can cause heart failure, stroke, kidney failure etc.

It is a good habit to measure your blood pressure though you are not suffering from heart diseases. You can judge your blood pressure using Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor. Amazon is providing great discount of 39% on this Blood pressure monitor. The MRP of Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor is Rs 4345. You are going to save Rs 1,706.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Buy Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor at Rs 2639 only on Amazon, 39% Discount Offer

The intelligence technology of Omron Blood Pressure Monitor gives 60 measurements with date and time. It is light in weight and accommodates touch facility. It detects body movement and irregular heart beat. The box will contain one pressure monitor, arm cuff in grey fabric, instruction manual and 4 battery set. There is also one year of manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.

The Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor is recommended by doctors and fitness trainers. It gives good accuracy and helps in detecting any anomaly in heart functioning. It is convenient to carry as it occupies very little space. You can use it while travelling in flight, train or a bus.

Buy Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor on Amazon Online

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    I realy want to buy this omron BP aparatu for my self but idont know how to get it pls help.From Nigeria ,Borno state maiduguri


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