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Now, you can play your favorite game on Android Television. The Logitech F310 Gamepad comes with a controller switch in XID mode. The gamepad has the smooth curve for providing comfortable playing experience and complete hold. You can change its standard instructions and you can use it with the unsupported title. The switches and the controls are smartly programmed and can follow the keyboard and the mouse commands. It is easy to install and setup the Logitech Gamepad. Logitech is a famous brand for developing and marketing of accessories for personal computers and tablets.

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Buy Logitech Gamepad at Rs 1749 from Amazon, 13% Off

Logitech Gamepad offers convenient set-up and use. It has two popular input standards- XInput and Direct Input. You can play games and browse the internet on the big picture of Television. The entire library of Steam games is available to make it possible to enjoy to the full extent with family and friends. Logitech F310 helps you to play the video game by providing ample grip. It has sufficient grip to make your gaming experience enjoyable. It has four switches D-pad capable of covering the four individual switches to offer the accurate and quick response.

Logitech Gamepad has rubber grips to avoid losing control and button layout to control its different functionality. It has the console like layout which is compatible with TV. The gamepad has been designed with care to provide comfortable playing experience. It comes with the 1.8-meter long cord to provide comfortable access to the television and to allow playing with a distance. The gamepad works well with Android TV having the console like the layout. You will have three years of warranty for Logitech gamepad.

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