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Kent Tap Guard UF Water Purifier @ Rs 2016 – Paytm Offer

Kent Tap Guard is the best product nowadays as today water is not pure and hygienic that’s why tap guard is the best product to buy just affix it on tap and it will remove residual chlorine and unpleasant odour from the tap water using high grade granular activated carbon. There are three modes of water selection lever which give you choices to choose one of the waters from purified water, unfiltered straight or unfiltered spray according to your requirement. The high grade granular activated carbon is a powerful de-chlorination agent. You don’t have to spend money on paying the electricity bill for the water purification. It is now possible to utilise pure water for every need from drinking, cooking to bathing without spending bucks for it. The membrane of the Kent Water Purifier has the long life which can sustain for up to 1500L of water. You get one year warranty after buying this product.

Kent Tap Guard from Paytm

Buy Kent Tap Guard at Rs 2016, 3% Discount and 10% Cashback offer on

You can use coupon code SHA10 to get 10% cashback on Kent Tap Guard from Paytm. This tap guard fits into any tape size having accessories meant for it. The parts of the water purifier are easily available and you can replace the cartridge when you find it dirty enough by looking at it through the purifier window. You also have the facility to backwash the membrane of the cartridge. The multilayer of the water purifier for the tap of the UF membrane are meant for removing rust, bacteria, microorganism, cyst and other microscopic impurities present in water. This portable Tap Guard satisfies your need for purifying water and gets installed easily on tap. You get purified water every time you open the tap.

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