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Amazon Deals & offers: Buy Portronics health Key III 3D Digital Pedometer @ Rs 885 on Amazon

Today, people have become more conscious about their health and fitness. They are practicing sports, exercises and Yoga to remain fit and healthy. With the advent of Portronics health key III 3D Digital Pedometer, you are going to have an instrument which can count your number of steps while running. This is very helpful while running and walking as you become able to know what you have done yet. It keeps a record of your present activity and past activities also. It has a memory reminder of 7 days. You can check your stamina for last 7 seven days and the calorie which you have reduced in your weight.


Buy Portronics health Key III 3D Digital Pedometer at Rs 885 on Amazon, Count your steps with Pedometer

The step count of the pedometer can be determined as 3 counts steps for activities like walking, running and stairs. It tracks the distance when you run, move, jump or walk and tells you what exact distance you have covered. It has a calorie counter attached with it which measures your weight and ultimately keeps control on your weight. You can review your walking distances and calorie data for previous seven days. It also measures the time for which are continuously walking.

The apparatus is attached to you in your pocket or anywhere that suits you. It has an easy button to use and control. The battery contained in the pedometer can go for three months. It also indicates for low battery. The dimension of the pedometer is 42*75*8. It has auto LCD off and wakes up the system.

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  • Pay the amount and get the product at your ordered address is the right place to buy Portronics product at discount rate, and it is certainly the best place to buy Healthcare products online.  Visit the portal and no Amazon coupon is required to buy Portonics Health key from the site. Follow the instruction given above and take home a pedometer to help during your workout.

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