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Cleartrip 10th Anniversary Sale – Cashback on Flight and Hotel Bookings

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Cleartrip Online Flight & Hotel Booking Feb 2017


With almost everything that one can think of coming online, and the range of these varying from the costliest mobiles like iPhones, to the cheapest ones, which include even something as small as the kitchen napkins. Thus in today's world everything, literally everything is online. The various sites present in the online market offer us with innumerable things of varying importance to us. The companies round the globe have come up with this simple method for the convenience of the users, who can get their goods delivered to themselves, just by a few click of the mouse. In this world of cut throat competition, one wants to get as much convenience as one may ever ask for. Today people expect everything at the tip of the mouse and travel and tourism is no alien in this regards. To reach the expectation of the people and to gear up to the expectation that would fulfill the needs of the situation, sites like have came forward, where they provide the users with tickets of any form of travel, whether railways, airways or roadways in India, to make travel more convenient for people at large. The service of the company doesn't end here, as it further assists to book your hotel. Here, let us find out all that we can about the nationally famous company in the nation. In this section, we will discuss the Cleartrip flight Booking, Ticket and discount deals.

History of the company

The company is among the first of its kind in the nation. Launched in July 2006, the company enjoys the repute of being one of the most trusted companies of its type. The motto of the company from its initial days remained to make travel simple for people of the nation and the name is a clear indication of this. The company started to help people book their traveling medium i.e. airways, railways or roadways, which would make the experience of travel for the Indians yet more convenient for all at large. The site then further stretched its hand to let people book their favorite hotel in the area of their tour. This made the site even more desirable for all. The company is exceptionally working great in online Railway and Bus tickets along with flight ticket booking. It has recently launched a mobile app to give more freedom to its customers, they can book online flight, train, bus and hotel booking using their smart phone and Tablet. The online travel booking site holds the significant share in the Indian travel industry and its mind-blowing interference will help you get tickets for rock bottom price.

Cleartrip has a lot to offer to anyone at large. The company is just a great one in its field. throughout the years have provided quality service to the people of the nation. The site has all the different modes of travel service available and when choosing airways or roadways, one can choose from the best Cleartrip deals provided by various companies. This helps the customers financially to save a big amount of ticket and hotel booking. The customers also get a chance to compare the best available flight on a given day that would surely satisfy their needs and help them get the best traveling experience. Overall, the company has a lot to offer to its clients and this is the reason why it stands out among the many companies that are there in competition to this site. Before you get your tickets for your next travel experience, make sure that you have checked on for the best travel deals on this website.

Cleartrip Payment Methods

There are various payment options available in the company. One may opt for anyone of them to make their payment on the site. The company has options on the credit card, debit card, and net banking to pay the dues of the company. The flexible options in this field make the experience in this site even more lucrative. The payment options further include payment by EMI which is paying the money in easy monthly installments. The company helps you get to your tour even if one is unable to pay. The EMI system of the company makes it perfect for one who is in need of some serious business but cannot pursue due to the different constraints can get good help from this website. Online Flight and Hotel Booking

Cleartrip is one of the most elementary names in its field due to the fact that the company provides the users with Jaw Dropping deals which make the site just the best for you. Just imagine, getting yourself the exact mode of transport that you desire at a discounted rate. That would be just so convenient for the users as a whole. Thus cleartrip continues to be one of the complete packages that one can ask for.

To cut the long story short, with all that the company has got on to offer and the flexible payment methods, along with the fantastic coupons and deals that one gets from this sites this site is for sure the best possible, for anyone. Before booking the tickets for your favorite location, please keep it in mind to visit the site once, so that you can get hold of the best deal and offer available on this site.

Visit "" Customer use the recently launched mobile app to book the Bus, hotel and flight bThe customers can download the mobile app from the Android and IOS market place.

Procedure to Book the Cleartrip flight / Hotel at 

  • First open the site in your web browser or Install the cleartrip mobile app from the Google or Apple play store.
  • The site is designed perfectly and easily can navigate the search box selecting various options such as One Way, Two way, Hotel booking and Hotel+Flight booking. Moreover, Cabs/Taxi can be booked along with flight and hotel reservation.
  • Enter the location you wish to travel and hit the enter button. The system will fetch you best result and cheaper price for hotel+flight booking.
  • Select the flight/Bus as per your convience and site will ask you to provide the necesasry information about the passenger/guest.
  • On the Payment page, choose the payment method - Debit card, E-banking, Credit card or bank transfer.